Enhanced property move out tracking ensures smooth and timely hand overs

Automating the Move Out process for tenants reduces frustration and enables faster re-rentals.

Client Profile

A leading full-service property management company with a vision to transform the landscape of property management services in the Pacific Northwest. Managing properties of all sizes, single family and multifamily, with the objective to streamline processes and cultivate relationships between neighbors.

Project Needs

Our client used manual check lists and email to track the status of the Move Out process for tenants who are leaving the properties they are renting. This process starts with the tenant’s notification that they are leaving, proceeds through making sure keys are collected and all inspections are completed, then notifying the former tenant of the results from the inspections to return any deposits, all within the timelines required by the appropriate agencies.

Initiating and monitoring the Move Out process was a time consuming manual process. Managing the hard copy document file used by the different people and departments during the Move Out process required multiple handoffs and tracking down the file as it moved through the steps in the process. Ensuring that each step was completed in the timely manner mandated to meet government timelines required constant monitoring of the checklist that was maintained in the file. It was also difficult to remarket the property effectively until late in the process, since the progress through the process was not readily available.

The client partnered with Everest Consultants to improve the timeliness of the workflow, reduce the effort required for monitoring tasks, and enhance other team’s ability complete their functions, such as marketing to re-rent vacant properties.

Technology and Tools

  • Power Automate
  • SharePoint 365
  • Outlook 365


  • By adding a SharePoint 365 based document set library and associated tracking list, our client was able to maintain an up-to-date, centralized set of documents that are readily available to all of the people and departments needing access at all times. Documents are available immediately when added to document set and up to date progress through the overall process can be seen by all involved.
  • Everest used Power Automate to create a multi-step notification workflow that ensures the proper person for the specific property is notified by email, as soon as everything they need is ready to perform their step in the Move Out process. The specific people working on each property receive the appropriate notification about the next step that needs to be performed to keep moving forward.
  • Everest also used Power Automate to implement timer-based notifications that generate reminders when specific steps in the process are taking longer than expected to be completed. These elapsed time reminders, combined with more timely notification that the next steps are ready to be worked on, help ensure that required timelines for notifying tenants are properly met.
  • The Everest solution enabled people to focus on executing their current tasks, confident that they will be notified as new tasks become ready to be worked on. Earlier notifications to Marketing about upcoming vacancies and increased confidence in the workflow status, also help minimize the time a property may be vacant between tenants. Timely notifications to Accounting support meeting statutory requirements for tenant notifications and returning deposits to avoid penalties.
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