Everest Delivers a Media Planning Framework

Client Profile

Our client is a leading media planner whose web-application platform provides the framework for planning and tracking media campaigns, among other services.

Media-campaign planning and execution is time-intensive and requires significant manual work that is highly prone to error — including collecting quotes from scores of vendors and applying specific business rules to different media types. In addition to being challenging for planners, the manual work is a serious obstacle to data consistency and quality — and turnaround times. Taking a full week to plan a campaign was not unusual.

Project Needs

As the in-house team focused on core-business planning and execution, the client contracted with Everest Consultants to develop and maintain the application framework. Everest’s scope of work included:

  • Analyzing the business requirements and designing the work flows
  • Building the core components of the framework for reusability
  • Testing and verification of the application with real-time data


  • Distributed teams and multiple stakeholders
  • Release cycles developed in accordance with stakeholders’ priorities

Technology and Tools

  • PHP and MySQL
  • Google Maps API
  • Responsive Web design
  • Cloud-based file management system


 Our risk-based testing knowledge and experience enabled us to help the client deliver a relatively bug-free product within their time, resource, and budget constraints. In addition, the finished project:

  • Reduced media-planning time from 40 hours to 15 minutes
  • Reduced product backlog meant increased velocity for added features and releases, helping the client achieve its time-to-market goals
  • Automatically exported files to PowerPoint and Excel
  • Reduced the time needed to fix defects and for regression testing
  • Achieved a defect-removal efficiency rate of more than 95%
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