Manufacturing - Enabling the Factories of the Future

In today’s global marketplace, manufacturers must move at a faster pace while facing tighter margins, market and price volatility, and age-old challenges like lowering operating costs while improving supply-chain effectiveness and optimizing product-to-market timelines.

To survive in this environment, manufacturing enterprises turn to Everest Consultants for innovative and deep data insights for improved and re-imagined design and fabrication processes, deep data insights and better decision-making – all while optimizing their processes, reacting to changing customer, accessing more effective and real-time inventory management and producing products more quickly at a better price point. Our services include:

  • Integrated and intelligent information and manufacturing systems
  • Advanced analytics
  • Remote monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Flexible supply-chain and decision-support systems
  • Powerful data analytics with machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Secure and scalable cloud resources
  • Custom applications that enable efficient, future-focused digital transformation
  • Re-engineering ageing legacy applications
  • Connected intelligent systems and machines
  • Systems and process integration
  • Discrete processes
  • Lean-manufacturing models with a single solution accessible across multiple locations

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