Leverage the Power of Mobile

The AI-powered mobile revolution brings tremendous innovation and new technologies to customer service, health and wellness, online shopping, and other elements of consumer experiences.

Is your enterprise able to adopt and exploit recent advances in mobile solutions? If not, your products and services could miss their mark. Mobile platforms, apps, and services mean greater access to customers, more efficient data collection, increased work flexibility, collaboration, operational speed, and productivity.

Mobile Skills

With Everest, beat the competition with applications built for new use cases and improved customer experience. We provide numerous services to meet the needs of mobile-forward, intelligent enterprises, including:
  • Mobile app development – native, hybrid-native, Web, hybrid-Web and progressive Web
  • Demonstrated Android & iOS expertise and cross-platform app development
  • Extensive responsive design work using HTML, CSS & JavaScript libraries
  • Effective, seamless integration of back-end services via RESTful, APIs, SDKs and cloud services
  • Mobile solutions for social media, analytics, user engagement, user login/sign-in; real-time, offline, application logic; and use-case specific functionality and management
  • Development and use of bots, machine learning, image and video recognition, field applications and remote management for a range of industries

Explore our Mobile solutions

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