Add new property accounting set up to enhance the property rental workflow

Selectively notifying the new account team only when necessary ensures their focus on time-sensitive account set up tasks.

Client Profile

A leading full-service property management company with a vision to transform the landscape of property management services in the Pacific Northwest. Managing properties of all sizes, single family and multifamily, with the objective to streamline processes and cultivate relationships between neighbors.

Project Needs

Our client had an extensive existing workflow they used for the process of renting properties to new tenants. The overall process still had some steps that needed to be initiated manually, especially for the Accounting processes required when new properties were being rented for the first time. The client had been working without success to extend the workflow for the additional step and new team that would be responsible for the new property account set up. The client was concerned that the added step would go beyond the Power Automate limitations and not be selective enough to identify only the new team that needed to be notified.

The client partnered with Everest Consultants to enhance the existing workflow to support the new functions and team efficiently within the existing workflow.

Technology and Tools

  • Power Automate
  • SharePoint 365
  • Outlook 365


  • Everest evaluated the existing Power Automate workflow to determine the most effective location to use for adding the new account setup notification and step to be executed only when it was the first time our client was renting out a property for a new customer account. Everest tested and demonstrated to our client that the solution fit well within Power Automate limitation guidelines and was very selective in applying to only first time rentals of new account properties.
  • The Everest solution enabled the selected Accounting team to focus on expediting the additional set up requirements that new accounts and first time rentals had.
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