Artificial Intelligence

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Transform your business into an intelligent enterprise

To succeed, companies have to be smarter, quicker and more responsive than ever before. That’s why agile design, implementation, and integrated intelligent business solutions have never been more valuable.

Everest Consultants uses AI applications to enhance business processes and decision-making with rapid automation, increased productivity, enhanced customer service, and superior analytics.

Our expertise in artificial intelligence

Advanced Analytics

  • Machine learning: Learn from data, identify patterns, and make predictions to support decision making

Natural Language

  • Text analytics: Extract high-quality information and gauge user/client sentiment
  • Translation and localization: Translate and localize a range of written content 
  • Recommendation engines: Leverage user and usage data to provide accurate, effective suggestions
  • Voice applications: Analyze and learn from human speech

Visual Recognition

  • Computer vision: Comprehensive image analysis and scene understanding
  • Face detection: Detect, analyze, and tag facial images

Conversational AI

  • Chatbots and voicebots: Provide personalized service and one-on-one customer engagement 
  • Speech services: Speech-to-text, text-to-speech with translation and other features
  • Speech recognition: Identify and verify individual speakers

Technical Skills


Python, R, Java, C++

Machine learning algorithms

Linear regression, logistic regression, decision trees, random forests, clustering (k-means, hierarchical), reinforcement learning, and neural networks

Data Engineering

SQL, NoSQL, ETL, analysis and visualization

Machine learning frameworks

TensorFlow, Azure ML, Spark, Pytorch, Keras, OpenCV, Caffe, Scikit-learn

Natural language processing


AI frameworks, tools & APIs

from Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud

Explore our Artificial Intelligence solutions

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