Highway Safety and Accident Simulator

Client Profile

The client develops and markets accident-simulation software and related services to over 1,800 customers in 28 countries. Customers include motor-vehicle manufacturers, government agencies, universities, and private engineering consulting firms.

Our client’s mission:

  • Drive the state-of-the-art in simulation technology used by the vehicle-safety industry, while making the technology more accessible and available
  • Produce a simple yet effective tool for the vehicle-safety industry that will improve vehicle safety and design throughout the entire life cycle — from the drawing board to the wrecking yard


  • Our client wanted to reuse the underlying modeling engine and related modules from legacy software developed with the C++ on the UNIX platform. That software was heavily computational-dependent and required strict adherence to modeling formulae. To achieve the reuse goals, the user interface for the new software required a complete and extensive redesign to conform to Microsoft Windows standards.
  • The client wanted to develop new software on the Windows platform with Open Inventor™, an object-oriented API graphics library with extensible architecture and a large set of advanced components. Software developers use this high-level platform for processing interactive graphics programming and rapid integration of two-and three-dimensional (2D/3D) data visualization.
  • Using Open Inventor libraries for the 3D graphical objects was the biggest challenge, as the initial migration required a move to the 32-bit Windows platform, and then to the 64-bit Windows platform.

Technology and Tools

  • .NET Framework 
  • Open Inventor
  • Visual Studio 
  • Microsoft VC++
  • Visual Source Safe (for source control)
  • RealDWG


Everest Consultants and the client developed and refined software ideas using an iterative prototyping, review, and enhancement-feedback process.

 After the initial migration to the 32-bit Windows platform, follow-on work continued, with the project team moving the software to the 64-bit platform to take advantage of that platform’s more powerful capabilities.

The result – a new traffic-accident simulator software featuring:

  • High graphics-intensive accident simulation
  • A robust yet simple-to-use graphic interface
  • The creation, coloring, and texturing of 3-D editor objects – including surfaces,
    cones, boxes, cylinders, spheres, text, light, and traffic signals – and an
    undo/redo feature
  • The ability to easily construct humans, vehicles, environments
  • A feature allowing playback of Open Inventor objects
  • Reading and saving accident-simulation files
  • Options for viewing AutoCAD formats
  • Report viewing and printing
  • Video generation for additional analysis and documentation
  • Easy software installation and removal 
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